Cecebe Waterways Annual Regatta

The annual CWA Regatta is a family friendly, fun event with a range of activities for all ages. It takes place every year on the Saturday and Sunday of the Civic holiday weekend. Recent years have seen upwards of 350 eager regatta participants and 95 hard working volunteers to make it happen. Saturday events include a long distance canoe and long distance kayak race, a sailing race and the highly competitive triathlon event. Early Sunday morning there is also a long distance swim race on the Lake. Sunday mornings begin at 10am at the Magnetawan Park and include land races, shoe toss, cardboard boat races, a sand castle building event, swim and canoe races and the day always finishes with a highly prized egg toss event.
Trophies and prizes are awarded each year to encourage participation no matter one’s level of competence, and at the same time to recognize some very accomplished athletes in our lake community. Every year the world famous CWA hotdog stand sets up in the Park and volunteers serve with generous patience and good humour. Safety is given priority at the Regatta and to that end a life guard is on duty and volunteer staffed safety boats are at all waterfront events. As well a first aid person is on duty at the park to treat minor injuries and to advise on necessary injury follow up.
The Regatta has a significant infra structure developed over many years of volunteer leaders. All documentation, forms and leadership positions are available on paper to ensure that this yearly event is sustainable for years to come. If you are interested in volunteering or require further information please be in touch with Joan Wyatt, joan.wyatt@utoronto.ca.

                       CECEBE WATERWAYS 41st ANNUAL REGATTA 

                          Saturday July 30th and Sunday July 31st, 2022 

       Please participate in the Regatta, a fun, family-friendly event! 



  • Everyone, including volunteers, must sign an INDIVIDUAL WAIVER and get a Hand Stamp  
  • Everyone under 18yrs must have an adult sign their waiver 
  • ONLINE Advance sign up for waivers and all Saturday and Sunday non-park events are available at cecebewaterways.ca/events/annualregatta 


  • Waivers are available at each event, except Triathlon; Sunday table opens at 9:30 am 
  • Trans persons compete in regatta events in their self-identified gender category  


  • All participants under age 18 are required to wear a life jacket for watercraft events, including cardboard boat race 
  • All participating watercrafts must have regulation safety equipment 


Minimum age is 12 years as of July 1st, 2022. No flotation devices for swimmers allowed. Teams permitted one guest and three CWA members. Entry restricted to 20 Teams. Only participants and volunteers on the Cameron beach. 


ON THE LAKE                                                                                                                           Saturday July 30th  

9:30 am Long-Distance Canoe Race and Long-Distance Kayak Race Both start from Baker’s cottage (39 Sandwood Dr) and finish at Port Carmen Marina dock; two paddlers per canoe; single kayaks; distance 3.2 km; Age Categories: 17 and under; Open; 55 and over. 

12:00 noon Sailboat Race Starts at Mooney’s Point (19 Cedar Lane, off Chapman Drive); Age Category Open; A handicap system is used to determine winners. 

3:30 pm Triathlon Teams without at least three CWA members, have not registered their team online in advance, whose members have not each signed an individual waiver online in advance, will be disqualified.   

  • Runner (1) starts at Chapman Drive West & Highway #520; runs east, 2.3 km to finish at Cameron Beach 
  • Canoeists (2) start and return to Cameron beach (460 Chapman Drive). All canoes must have safety equipment. Participants under 18yrs must wear life jackets. Distance 1.5 km. 
  • Swimmer (1) with 2 accompanying canoeists, starts Cameron Beach, finishes Rockwynn Landing dock. Distance 1 km. 
  • Team Categories: Open; 17 years and under (minimum 12yrs as of July 1st); 55 years and over.  


 SUNDAY 8:30 am Long Distance Swim Starts, Cameron’s dock (1 Cedar Lane) finishes, Port Carmen Marina; swimmers must be accompanied by two canoeists with safety equipment. Categories: Male, open; Female, open; distance 1.6 km. 


MAGNETAWAN CENTENNIAL PARK                                                                                      Sunday July 31st 

9:30 am Waiver and stamp table open (everyone must have a valid hand stamp to participate) 
10:00 am   Running Races All ages  

10:45 am Shoe Kick All ages 

11:00 am Cardboard Boat Race (Advance Sign up at Park) Boat ONLY from cardboard, tape, and paint.  

            Life jackets required by all participants; max, two paddlers per boat. Age category -17 and under.  

11:45 am Canoe Races (Advance Sign Up at Park) – Singles 18 and over; Doubles & Mixed Doubles all ages  

Age 18 and under MUST WEAR THEIR OWN LIFE JACKETS; Canoes, paddles, adult life jackets provided. 

1:15 pm Log Rolling (Advance Sign up at Park) All ages  

2:30 pm Tony White Egg Toss   All ages 

3:00 pm Closing Ceremony Certificates and Trophy Awards 


Sunday, the CWA World Famous Hot Dog Stand will sell food, drinks, and snacks from 11:00am – 2:00pm  

Volunteer opportunities available, to help call or email (705) 387-0517 or joan.wyatt@utoronto.ca