2019 Regatta Report

2019 Regatta Report

As summer draws to a close we remember Civic holiday weekend, 2019.

With almost perfect weather, including even some wind for the sailboat race, CWA’s 40th annual Regatta was two days of fun filled events with plenty of time to connect with other cottagers, friends and family. 343 people, 242 of whom were CWA members participated either as volunteers (95) and/or competitors!

Saturday morning event manager Denise Sankey started 8 canoes and 6 kayaks racing from Baker’s point to Port Carmen. For the second year in a row, Jack MacDonald age 8, finished first in the under age 17 category for Kayaks. This year a new trophy for Kayaks, in memory of Vera and Murray Cameron, long time owners and operators of Rockwynn Lodge and parents of an outstanding brood who are still active on this lake, was awarded for this event. This trophy was presented to Luca Spear, the open category winner. After consultation with the donors, Regatta Leadership Committee and CWA directors, the terms of this trophy will, as of this year, be awarded to all three age category winners. Notably Kathy Baker, daughter of Vera and Murray Cameron, is one of the inaugural winners in the “over 55” category.

At the noon hour on Saturday brisk winds kept 6 sailboats moving under the watchful eye of event managers Bonnie and Dennis Mooney. Saturday afternoon saw eighteen teams lining up for the high profile triathlon which once again ran from the Hughson/Rothery property under the very able leadership of Pam Alexander and Kevin Hellyer. Sunday morning Ted White managed the Long Distance swim with 6 competitors.

A special thank you to the skilled and patient volunteers who staffed the Safety Boats, a key ingredient, along with qualified lifeguard, Carter Metcalf, to ensure safety for participants in all water events, both Saturday and Sunday. Thanks also to Logan Naftel who once again served as our first aid volunteer at Magnetawan Park. To Port Carmen Marina who provide space for CWA’s storage unit, put Regatta trophies on display, store our canoes, loan their barbecue for the Regatta hot dog stand and donated a propane tank to boot, a big thank you.

8:30 Sunday morning saw Matt Alexander, Larry Laidlaw, Andrew Karpiak and Joan Wyatt, at the Port Carmen storage unit organizing transport of the equipment needed at the Magnetawan Park. Brent Hewlett and Dave Sankey were there shortly after collecting the log, as was Mark Alexander to transport all CWA’s canoes, paddles and life jackets. Along with setting up at the Park, taking everything down and then putting everything back in the storage unit, this is a critical part of the success and smooth operation of the Regatta. Jennifer Quinton and Joan Wyatt prepared all the event bins and then cleaned them all up after with help from children and grandchildren who were proud to get green volunteer ribbons this year….a small token of appreciation for all who volunteer.

Sunday at 10 A.M. Matt Alexander welcomed everyone to the Park. Event manager Samantha Nadalin and the Nadalin clan got the Land Races underway with 144 runners, Bob Madell and Sarah Kinsey managed the Shoe Kick with 144 shoe propellers, Jennifer Quinton and Sam Wyatt kept chaos at bay with 23 Cardboard Boats and 37 paddlers, Katie Czernik with able helpers managed 83 swimmers, Mark Alexander, Kevin Hellyer and Pam Alexander processed 140 paddlers with both singles and doubles competitive races as well as an exhibition race for parents and children and another for mixed doubles. Kevin Hellyer and Nick Quinton carefully adjudicated the Sand Castle event with its 38 diggers and Brent and Jennifer Hewlett managed 74 participants in the Log Rolling. All of these managers and their teams kept the day moving with cheerful, efficient leadership.

The “World Famous” Hot Dog stand prepared, organized and directed by Heather and John Wyatt and grinning groups of CWA cookers and servers did a brisk business and with creative sales announcements finished the day with very little left over. Waiver manager, Mike Wyatt with his team stamped most of the 204 people who signed waivers online and processed another 139 people who signed waivers at the Park. Bonnie Mooney managed the points table assisted by volunteers who passed out ribbons to eager participants with encouraging congratulations.

This year’s Egg Toss was a poignant moment. Tony White who for many, many years has managed this event died in April after a brief but uncompromising bout of cancer. Along with Tom Mooney and Grant Hewlett, Tony initiated CWA’s Regatta. After noting Tony’s involvement in both the Association and the Regatta over the past 40 years, Matt Alexander, Sunday Regatta chair, asked each one present to take a moment of silence to remember Tony and the legacy that he helped to create for us all. He reminded us of Tony’s involvement in the Association and the Regatta and how valuable is this legacy for us all. It was a meaningful experience of belonging and connectedness. It takes a village to raise a child and those of us at Lake Cecebe are privileged to be part of this particular village.

Kathy White, Tony’s widow and Harry White, Tony’s brother, threw the first egg. Carolyn Quinton, former Regatta chair who for the past many years has assisted Tony, skillfully led more than 150 participants in another memorable conclusion to Regatta that resulted in Brent Hewlett and Dave Sankey capturing this year’s Golden Egg trophy. Hereafter this event will be the Tony White Egg Toss.

For Regatta pictures, trophy winners and how to volunteer, check out the CWA website — https://www.cecebewaterways.ca and remember August 1st and August 2nd, 2020 will be CWA’s 41st Annual Regatta! See you there!

2019 Leadership Team

Matt Alexander, Sunday chair,

Jennifer Quinton, Saturday chair

Joan Wyatt, Administrator